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My passion for education.  

2 years into photography, I realized that I wanted to do much more than take photos. I realized that I wanted to share my tools that I had to work day in and day out to collect. I will be honest, this conclusion didn't come easily. I had to decide if I wanted my successful tools to be out in the world for everyone to use. Scary thought, right? WRONG. I realized that it made my heart skip beats when I saw someone using a technique that I taught them. I took on my first baby bird about 2 years ago. ( Yes - I was only 1 year into photography! ) She followed me along to a handful of sessions, asked any and every question she could think of, and the best part? She put it to use. Years later, she is now fully divulging into her passion for photography and still using helpful tools that I taught her. This thought is crazy to me. Knowing I can help someone curate and grow an incredibly successful business. About 6 months ago I decided that this was something I wanted to take on. Keep in mind, I don't have all of the answers. I will never have all of the answers. I am still growing every single day, and consider myself a "newbie" just as much as the next. But in 3 short years, I've got 100 + weddings under my belt, 200 + family sessions, and I have experienced almost every type of session possible. I regularly do weddings, engagements, family sessions, maternity, newborn, fitness, studio work, fashion, and the list goes on and on. After 3 years of doing sessions nearly everyday, I feel that I have collected enough experience to be able to answer most questions you may have. This can be anything from a laid back office day to a day long wedding. I can teach you how to edit, interact with clients, or walk you through my process of photographing an entire wedding on one lens. Whatever you may need, I've got you covered!



This is an unpaid internship for experience.

Wait, unpaid? WHAT? What makes interning so attractive then? 

I'll tell you. 

When you intern for me, you are not only getting invaluable material that you can use for years to come with your own personal business, but you are also getting a first hand experience at every type of photo session you could want. Who doesn't want a fast pass? 

This isn't me telling you it won't be hard. Because it will be. I will hand you everything that you need to bake a cake. I'll give you every utensil in my kitchen. But you have to actually do the work and make the cake. Nothing is successful if you can't apply what you are taught to your own business. 

What will I teach you? 

I will teach you everything I know. E V E R Y T H I N G. Nothing goes left untaught. I will give you a crash course on your camera equipment, settings, flash, client interactions, vendor interactions, client experience, the booking process, scheduling, and editing. 

What do I ask from interns? 

Due to the overload and density of information that you will be receiving every time you are with me, I ask that you be able to commit to at least one 8 hr day a week. Most interns that I take on are part time. I try to balance it out so it's fair for both of us. What that looks like is you coming to shadow a session, and picking my brain afterwards in turn for one 8 hr office working day. For working days you may be asked to cull, blog, answer inquiries, or organize. There are so many great opportunities within this program. This is usually best for passionate beginners who are interested in photography. I take on one intern at a time so I can make sure that I'm dedicating myself fully to you. 

We are not currently accepting new interns until January 2019 

Are you already established, but want to see how I run my business?
Do you feel "stuck" with posing during sessions?
Want a quick crash course at editing?
Need help with client interactions? 
Care to hang behind the scenes and take it all in?

If you answered YASSSS to any of those questions, this may be for you. 

There are 3 options for this program. 

1.) $300 - This includes a "ride along" and Q/A after the session. No photos of the clients are allowed. For these, I ask that you try and be a fly on the wall. You can observe, and look over my shoulder. You can choose the type of session you want to follow along to, and then we will sit down afterwards and walk through editing while you pick my brain. You might even get to snuggle my crazy dogs back at the office! 

2.) $600 - This package includes a full day "ride along". This package is best booked for those who want to get into weddings. You can come along to a full day wedding with me, take photos, and use all of the images in your portfolio. For this package, I do not collect the images at the end of the day as I would with a second shooter, and the full copyright sits with you. This is specifically built so you can show up, watch, learn, and take your own photos at a real wedding with no pressure. If you choose to shadow a wedding, Q/A is done the following day. 

3.) $1000 - This is the big bang. With this package, I will completely style a session for you, and let you ask questions throughout the entire process. We can go anywhere! You tell me where you want to do your session, and I will set the entire thing up. We can set up a family session, mock wedding, or even a mock elopement out at the mountains. With this package, you will also gain access to my style guides and wedding 101 guides free of charge.


So what are you waiting for?! Come hang out with me and take your business to the next level!


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We are not currently accepting any new team members for our associate photographer team, but check back for opportunities!  

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