Frequently asked questions

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How do I book a session?

Booking a session with me is simple - Find the "contact" page at the top, and fill out the form. You can also email me directly at 


What types of sessions do you offer?

There is not a single thing that I don't photograph. I do families, events, sports, newborns, engagements, weddings, portrait sessions, rainbow bridge sessions, and lifestyle work. If you can think of it, I most likely take photos of it. I love growing with my clients and becoming their forever photographer. 


I have the cutest dog ever. Can I bring him to our session? 

ABSOLUTELY. Pets are encouraged at every single session. I worked with animals for about 6 years before doing photography, so I have a special place in my heart for animals. Bring your bird, snake, cat, dog, chinchilla. Whatever kind of pet you own, I want to be friends with it.  I always recommend having a friend come that can keep your dog busy when we are done with them. 


Do you give out RAW (unedited) files? 


We have never been photographed! Do you have any outfit tips for us?

Lucky for you, I have photographed so many sessions, and I have studied what photographs well. If you have booked a session with me, click here for a complimentary detailed clothing guide and photo session tips!
I also offer this guide to fellow photographers for $10. 


When will we receive our images?

I ask for up to 12 weeks to deliver a full wedding gallery. For any type of portrait session, I ask for up to 2 weeks. I am known for a quick turnaround time, so I like to get your photos back to you ASAP. Need your photos done in a specific amount of time? No problem. I now offer "rush fees" so you can get your photos right away. 

5 Day Rush Fee
For portraits - $100
For weddings - $300

24 Hr Rush Fee
For portraits - $200
For weddings - $500


We've already had engagement photos done. Can we get a discount off of our wedding package? 

Engagement photos are complimentary with every wedding package. I always say that you can NEVER ever have enough photos, and what better way to get to know your wedding photographer? You don’t have to redeem this, but prices do not reflect the engagement session so they cannot be adjusted.


How Long Do you Store Files for?

I try to store files indefinitely, but do not guarantee the storage of images once the final gallery is delivered. I have multiple hard drives and multiple backups. I do ask that when you download your gallery, you back up your files on the off chance something happens to mine. Once the final gallery is delivered and you have downloaded it, I remove it from my site. If you need to get back into it at any time, that is not a problem at all. I can get you back into your gallery for $60. 


Will you work with my budget?

I wish that we could work with every budget! I understand that not everyone can afford the luxury of photographs. From time to time, I will try to work within a set budget if I have the date available. If you have a special circumstance like this, please message me so we can chat more! Normally I am more flexible to this on Monday - Thursday mornings, and December - February weddings. Unfortunately this does not apply to weekends.


Sarah Lynn Photography is not responsible for the storage of images.


BOOKING FEES : 25% of your package price is required upfront to reserve your date. This is NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. This fee covers initial communication, all planning, location hunting, and block off a specific time frame for your session.

CANCELLATIONS : If you no call no show, you are forfeiting your booking fee and we will not schedule with you again. Please be mindful that when we block off a time spot for you, we are holding that spot for only you. Therefore, we are not able to schedule someone else. We will not tolerate no call no show clients.

RESCHEDULING : We understand that life happens. People get sick, and things go wrong. If you need to reschedule for any reason, please try to give us 48 hrs notice. If you happen to fall ill the day of your session, please reschedule. We work every day with all age groups and cannot risk passing on anything to our beloved clients. Your photos will look better if you are feeling well rested and at your best! We rarely allow weather rescheduling because after all, we do live in Oregon so we love to embrace whatever weather it decides to be that day. If it is down pouring and sideways rain that hinders our photo session, we can without a doubt reschedule. If your reschedule is approved, your booking fee will carry over onto your new date. If rescheduling more than 60 days out, a new booking fee will be required. (The new booking fee will be waived if we have previously discussed a date, and for special circumstances such as travel, military, health reasons.)

TARDINESS : Please plan enough time to get to your session. Whether that be getting the kids ready or navigating through rush hour traffic. If you are running late, please call us. We respect every single client's time and put an incredible amount of effort into scheduling and planning a session, so please respect ours. If you have a 60 minute session scheduled and you are 20 minutes late, you will then have a 40 minute session. If you are more than 30 minutes late without calling, you will forfeit your booking fee and we will have the right to cancel the session. We of course understand unforeseen circumstances such as illness or accidents. If we are late, we will communicate that with you and your session time will not be affected.