Emily and Kasey - Oregon Coast Elopement - Pacific City, Oregon

As a photographer, I am constantly trying to make a footprint on this world through photographs, and I wanted especially to give Emily and Kasey something they could remember forever.

Emily and Kasey are an amazing couple who have experienced years worth of tough times within one; From hardships in their careers to health and life in general.  Recently Emily received a diagnosis that is now affecting her everyday decisions. She assures me that she does not want people to see her diagnosis and experiences as a sad story. She is one of the most bubbly, fun and charismatic people I have ever met. She grabs life by the horns and chooses to spend her time as CVICU nurse taking care of others and saving lives. She is BRAVE and full of life, and wants to use her story to spread awareness.

When I learned that I was already booked for her wedding day we were crushed, but I immediately knew that I wanted to do something special for her and Kasey and quickly put together a secret romantic trip for the both them. They deserved a stress free and beautiful experience after everything they have gone through this year. We told Emily and Kasey we would do a “fake wedding” and secretly pulled together a team of incredible Portland vendors to make the day spectacular.

We trekked the 2 hours to Pacific City, down a rocky private road to the ocean and the sand dunes. We hung out on top of the sand dunes, playing with their dogs and watching para gliders fly all around us. After spending time in the wind we came down onto the beachfront where we were greeted with a gorgeous bouquet and boutonniere. We snagged a few more breathtaking shots then packed and went over to haystack rock for a romantic picnic put together by our amazing team. Emily and Kasey got to have an incredible evening picnicking, relaxing with the dogs, and watching the sunset, all while having a camera capture it all. The day was full of laughter, wind, and love.

I have learned more valuable lessons from Emily than I have learned from anyone else. Spend every single day living it like it is your last. Whatever you do, love freely. If you are questioning something that gives you anxiety...say “screw it” and do it! Go against the rules of life, every single day. 

Thank you to Emily and Kasey for being so damn incredible and bringing us into your lives.

And a huge thank you to the entire team behind this magical set up -

Photography / Makeup / Hair : Sarah Willey of Sarah Lynn Photography
Floral & Spatial Styling : Rosemary Stafford 
Amazing kick ass assistant : www.instagram.com/antiqueashley
Comedy & Entertainment ( ha ha ) : Alex Simpson
Rentals : Something Borrowed Portland
Bridal Gowns: Brides for a Cause
Cake : www.christine-power.com
Catering : www.instagram.com/heartofcelebration
Wine : Ken Wright Cellars Winery