Sam and Omid - Elysian Ballroom Wedding - Portland, Oregon

Sam and Omid are the type of people you want to be best friends with as soon as you meet them. When we did their engagement session, we wandered around Portland and chatted for hours. I normally get anxious being downtown (because traffic), but these two have such a welcoming vibe about them that it was hard to feel anything but relaxed while hanging with them.

This wedding was photographed by our associate photographers Kathleen and Sierra, and I am beyond jealous that I wasn’t able to be there. When I got the photos back, I spent hours and hours going through these and I felt like I was there the entire time. My team can photograph weddings better than I can even dream of. The details were stunning, and I could feel the energy of the day through the pictures.

The Elysian Ballroom is a venue that most girls only dream of. It’s covered in chandeliers, gold chairs, and elegant fixtures everywhere. The getting ready suite is baby blue accented with gold, and has the perfect natural window light. This venue has definitely been on the bucket list, and I don’t even think that photos will do it much justice or show the actual beauty of this elegant ballroom in the heart of Portland.

Sam and Omid spent their morning getting ready, enjoying champagne (and beers) and hanging out with their crew. They did a beautiful first look on the staircase, and then headed outside into the hustle and bustle of Portland to do some classic bridal party photos.

After a beautiful ceremony, heartfelt toasts, and the traditional cake cut, they spent their night hanging out with tons of family and friends and dancing the night away.

Sam and Omid, you two are some of the most kind and generous people I have ever met. Thank you for trusting our team to photograph your beautiful ballroom wedding and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.