Galina and Max - White River Falls Engagement Session - Madras, Oregon


Sometimes in order to get the best photographs you have to work for it, and that’s what this couple did during their engagement session at the breathtaking White River Falls in Madras, OR.

Galina and Max joined me in hiking all the way up to this gorgeous waterfall and Galina even trailblazed it through the rocky terrain all while wearing her heels! We had a blast playing in the cold water and laughing and talking all about their love of corgis. Galina’s adorable backless light blue dress and black strappy maxi dress made for some incredibly picturesque photographs.

Beyond being incredibly photogenic, Galina and Max are the most vibrant and smiley couple ever, and with hearts of gold! They went out of their way to make me feel comforted and loved after learning that my kitten had recently been put down. At our shoot they brought me a framed picture in special memory of my kitty; because that’s the kind of amazing people they are! I could not have asked for a better couple to do this shoot with and I cannot wait to be able to be a part of capturing their wedding next year!