Fancy meeting you here

This is probably the most desired page on any photographers website, so I won’t waste your time. I’ll get down to the nitty gritty of how I work, what you can expect, and what we include with our packages.

First, I want to be transparent with you and let you know that it’s really hard for me to accommodate pre booking consults. My schedule is wonky, I edit day and night, travel, and shoot weddings on nights and weekends. I try to spend time with my family and 3 sweet pups in between all of that. #workaholic. If I could get coffee with every single person who expressed interest, I would be the happiest person ever! I do like to chat before the booking process whether that be via email, call, or facetime. I want you to be able to ask me any questions you have and feel comfortable moving forward with me as your photographer.

Pricing is dependent on many factors including location, duration, and whether you have one of my associate photographers photographing the wedding or myself. If you send me an email, I will send you my price list #tradesies.

Please keep in mind that Saturday’s do book out about a year in advance for May - September.

A complimentary engagement session is included with any wedding package booked. This is a great chance to meet me, and we can chat about all of your wedding details. We do not do any type of adjustments with engagement sessions, because our packages are based on hourly rates.


$2200 - $6000

Under Construction.


$400 - $800

Under construction.



$300 - $800

Under construction.


"an image that will last a lifetime should cost more than a cup of coffee".