I’m Sarah. The goofy blonde lady behind the camera.

I call myself a bubbly introvert. I love spending time with my clients and meeting new people, and I also really really REALLY like my bed and netflix. I go “out” maybe once every 2 years. Slightly socially awkward and will probably say really weird things at our engagement session. Sometimes I think I’m a comedian, but just roll with it. I have had just about every hair color under the sun. I recently got bored of being blonde so I decided to put every color in my hair at once and rock the rainbow. When I’m not shooting a session, I’m either driving to or from a session rocking out to Ariana Grande or editing at home with my 3 dogs. I modeled for about 10 years until I realized that I was on the wrong side of the camera. I have a great life, and I got lucky enough to go full time with photography almost immediately. I really just want to produce pretty images and give you something to cherish for the rest of your life. My shooting style has been described as colorful and candid. I am obsessed with animals (like really obsessed - There is a good chance I’ll stop to pet a strangers dog during our session).

Let’s be best friends. You bring the mac n cheese and I’ll bring the chicken nuggets.

I will 100% without a doubt love you even more if you bring your dog to our photo session.